Install Chrome on Oracle Linux 7 (REHL7)

Today I had it with Firefox on Linux and wanted to install Chrome, here are the steps I followed and it worked like a charm.       #sudo wget # sudo yum -y install redhat-lsb libXScrnSaver # sudo yum -y localinstall google-chrome-stable_current_x86_64.rpm oratest1:/u01/deployment_ogg_test2 ->sudo wget --2018-01-19 15:42:55-- Resolving (,... Continue Reading →


Replicat abending with database error 1403

Replicat abending with database error 1403() during the initial startup during a compressed update. This error can be seen very frequently on a production environment when implementing Goldengate for the first time. During the instantiation of the target database, if there is any open transaction which is yet to be committed, the extract is started... Continue Reading →

Extract Index DDL from expdp

I recently wanted to drop the indexes during a load and recreate after. There are several ways to do that, but this time since I had a schema export taken I wanted to extract from the dump file. Here are the scripts files: JDEPROD@proa1-/cloudfs/DBA/scripts$ cat export NOW=$(date +"%F_%H%M%S") export ORACLE_SID=JDEPROD export ORAENV_ASK=NO . oraenv... Continue Reading →

SQLcl to view DDL

Today I ran into a scenario where I need to check if a table had an UNIQUE index. Instead of writing a quick sql I decided to try the new (not so new) SQLcl tool.  With the new describe (info), I could get a quick snapshot of the table DDL, Indexes and constraints. Pretty cool.  

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