How to resolve user locking problems

Method 1: Check and remove session locking other from Database

Find the USER locking others
Select a.serial#, a.sid, a.username, b.id1, c.sql_text
from v$session a, v$lock b, v$sqltext c
where b.id1 in
(select distinct e.id1
from v$session d, v$lock e
where d.lockwait = e.kaddr)
and a.sid = b.sid
and c.hash_value = a.sql_hash_value
and b.request = 0;


13 23 ALIMA 393242 update authuser.emp set salary=1000

To Kill session
SQL>alter system kill session ’23,13’;
Session Killed.
Method 2: Check and remove by process id from Unix session, this query give you more details about the locking problem

To Kill session

On the Unix box
$ps -ef|grep username (i.e. alima)

alima 12102 12083 0 10:55:14 pts/3 20:98 sqlplus
alima 13011 12078 0 9:25:01 pts/5 0.12 -ksh

Process id is the first number column, determine which process id by matching the number

i.e. the process id to be killed is 12102
$kill -15 12102
$ps -ef|grep 12102

If the process id do not die
$kill -9 12102

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