How to change SYSMAN password in OEM (OMS)

To change the Sysman password:
1. Stop the OMS instances that are associated with the repository
a. opmnctl stopall

2. Change the sysman password in the database:
a. Logon to sqlplus as a dba user
b. Issue the command: alter user sysman identified by newpassword;
c. Exit Sqlplus

3. On each management server host, cd to the OMS $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/config directory
a. backup the file
b. edit the file and modify the parameters;

NOTE: When you restart the OMS, the FALSE setting will change to TRUE and the password will become encrypted in the file

4. Still on Management Repository host, cd to the AGENT_HOME/bin and stop the agent:
./emctl stop agent
5. Next, cd to the AGENT_HOME/sysman/emd directory
a. Edit the targets.xml file and modify the oracle_emrep target definition with the following in bold:
<Target TYPE=”oracle_emrep” NAME=”Management Services and Repository” VERSION=”1.0″>
<Property NAME=”MachineName” VALUE=””/>
<Property NAME=”Port” VALUE=”1521″/>
<Property NAME=”SID” VALUE=”sid”/>
<Property NAME=”UserName” VALUE=”552f2080d6d8c3c6″ ENCRYPTED=”TRUE”/>
<Property NAME=”password” “newpassword” ENCRYPTED”FALSE”/>
b. Save the file. The TRUE value will change to FALSE and the newpassword will become encrypted when you restart the Agent.

6. Issue the command (from the Agent O_H/bin):
./emctl start agent

7. Restart each of the OMS’s
emctl start oms

8.Start the OMS instances that are associated with the repository
opmnctl startall

Note that after change all the config files shown in the document, the OEM still had issues to connect to the repository due to the sysman user been locked. After unlock the sysman account everything was back to normal.

Entries found in the $OMS_HOME/sysman/log/emoms.log

2008-07-17 10:40:54,685 [AJPRequestHandler-ApplicationServerThread-7] ERROR conn.ConnectionService verifyRepositoryEx.818 – Invalid Connection Pool. ERROR = ORA-28000: the account is locked

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