Project Portfolio Management at Open World 2010

An increased level of scrutiny and accountability is driving enterprise decision-making. In industries including engineering and construction, aerospace and defense, high technology, professional services, and public sector, critical business investments are being made with an emphasis on cost containment and direct revenue contribution, as well on as ensuring a rapid payback period and return.

Project portfolio management (PPM) solutions are at the core of organizational efforts across both the cost recovery and value creation spectrums.

Oracle’s world-class PPM solutions provide organizations with the smart strategies needed to navigate dynamic business conditions and answer questions such as “What are my current projects, and how are they really performing?”

The Project Portfolio Management track at Oracle OpenWorld features a lineup of expert speakers showcasing PPM product strategy and development leaders from Oracle, diverse customers across industries, and experienced partners, all sharing their PPM best practices, success stories, and the latest product release information to help enhance your project portfolio performance.

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