Example of bulk collect and performance using different values of limit

Sample code that shows using BULK COLLECT and performance of using different values for LIMIT.

cursor l_cur is select * from scott.emp;
type emp_tbl is table of l_cur%rowtype index by pls_integer;
l_emp emp_tbl;
limit_in number;
i number;
limit_in := &limit_param;
open l_cur;
fetch l_cur bulk collect into l_emp limit limit_in;
for i in 1..l_emp.count
end loop;
exit when l_emp.count < limit_in;
end loop;
close l_cur;

Limit value 1: 25.76 seconds
Limit value 10: 03.54 seconds
Limit value 100: 01.28 seconds
Limit value 1000: 00.95 seconds
Limit value 2000: 01.00 seconds
Limit value 3000: 01.03 seconds
Limit value 5000: 01.06 seconds
Limit value 10000: 01.20 seconds

As you notice in the case above as one increases the value of LIMIT after 1000, the execution time increases slightly. The following was timed using “set timing on” on SQL*Plus.