OGG-01264 cm_mbuf_hdrs_copyout()

Extract ABENDED with the following error in many different tables.

2021-02-24T11:20:07.771-0500 ERROR OGG-01264 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for Oracle, EMMD.prm: The call to the A buffer with id 0 representing transaction/object 4,223 holding transactional items is invalid due to either an invalid position (0) within the transaction, an invalid number of items (0) or any invalid size of the data stored (1,111,444).() function from line 1743 in cm_mbuf_hdrs_copyout() returned an unexpected value.
2021-02-24T11:20:07.903-0500 ERROR OGG-02078 Oracle GoldenGate Capture for Oracle, EMMD.prm: Extract encountered a fatal error in a processing thread and is abending


Set below parameter in extract parameter to use at least 32G. You may need to increase this depending on your transaction size and performance evaluation.

If you see extract slowness, then this value must be increased to 64G

or if there is phisycal memory limitations you can also add this:


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