Demo – How to Quick Automate GoldenGate Microservices Replication

The purpose of this post is to simply demonstrate how we can automate the GoldenGate Microservices replication from connecting the remote databases to create extract and replicat.

For demonstration purposes the GoldenGate is installed as a HUB configuration, connecting to a source 12c database to a Target 19c database. To simplify the demo, there will be no Distribution Service configuration (I will do another demo for DS) since the extract trail files will be written locally in the OGG HUB and replicat will consume from it and apply into the target database.

As we know, GoldenGate Microservices we have three different interfaces we can use to manage GoldenGate: WebUI, Adminclient, and REST API. To facilitate this demonstration I will be using REST API (curl) calls to create all the processes, and configuration. I will also use the WebUI to validate and show the results. Once you complete this demo, you will understand the basics to create your own process, scripts or application to fast deploy your goldengate integrations.

It’s not the intent of this post to educate on what is GoldenGate or what each component is for. All commands executed are available at the end of the post.

Check for Credentials entry in the wallet

Check for Extract or Replicats

Create Credentials for CDB (source) and PDB (Target)



Verify Credentials were created

Add Schematrandata to the source database

Verify table trandata was created in the HR schema

Create target checkpoint table

Verify Checkpoint table creation

Create Extract (note it connects to the source database (srccdb122)

Verify Extract Creation

Create Replicat (note it connects to target database (trgpdb193)

Verify Replicat creation

I hope this was helpful. I want to challenge you to create a nice app to take advantage of the rest APIs available.

Please find below all the curl calls user this demo plus some other commands:

In addition, you can find the reference for all the GoldenGate REST API here:

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