GoldenGate Free 21c Deployment on Docker

We were pleased to announce the availability of Oracle GoldenGate Free 21c, the same robust Oracle GoldenGate that enterprises worldwide rely on, packaged for easy download, user-friendliness, and a feature-rich experience.  It is the entire application portfolio delivered in an Oracle Docker container that is available for deployment anywhere – on-premises, in OCI, or on other cloud platforms.

GoldenGate Free 21c offers all of the features of the licensed GoldenGate product, as well as a recipe-driven user interface for creating and managing replication for an ease to use pipelines. It is limited to databases no larger than 20 GB and is supported via Oracle’s community forums. It is not supported with licensed, full-use GoldenGate products. For specific limitations, please consult the documentation in the link below.

GoldenGate Free Limitations

GoldenGate Free 21c was created to lower the barrier to entry the real-time data integration. This begins with the straightforward deployment of a pre-built Docker container without an installation process. Developers may get started quickly with a recipe-based design process that includes recipes for common use cases to create and execute replication pipelines. Experienced GoldenGate developers will also appreciate having access to the full Microservices API and UI to configure GoldenGate processes as usual.

Below is an example how i quickly created my first GOldenGate Free 21c Container.

Here are the initial steps:

  1. Download and install Ranger Desktop (in my case for Mac). Ranger Desktop is in open-source desktop application for Mac, Windows and Linux. Rancher Desktop runs Kubernetes and container management on your desktop.

1. Docker Pull:

alexlima@alexlima-mac ~ % docker pull Pulling from goldengate/goldengate-free
7b659169cb92: Pull complete
5df26d256f3b: Pull complete
9a4ab2c25ec6: Pull complete
cea53b398505: Pull complete
00aba85b2b2f: Pull complete
bb7d9611de55: Pull complete
a93eeb6f97dc: Pull complete
b1d7de80b855: Pull complete
6e971872040e: Pull complete
be56908c97b3: Pull complete
787108c1d121: Pull complete
4f4fb700ef54: Pull complete
459a4c80b16d: Pull complete
39e80ff48961: Pull complete
e1f009432bbc: Pull complete
3116b688722e: Pull complete
3fa09ca01904: Pull complete
e389768cb001: Pull complete
08276ef070bf: Pull complete
4a120ae67602: Pull complete
ad5938a146fc: Pull complete
d27549167751: Pull complete
34113bf0fdb8: Pull complete
fdb6ec26adf5: Pull complete
aa580e81aa0a: Pull complete
e43ed8bf19d7: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:8f6038fe451b6802dde0ae3e32e94f833b83d991d1c7da1efc318dd3c088f60f
Status: Downloaded newer image for

2. Check for the image pull completion

alexlima@alexlima-mac ~ % docker image ls
REPOSITORY                                                 TAG                    IMAGE ID       CREATED         SIZE        4a4228dc200d   3 days ago      2.07GB
aoflima44/goldengate2110ma                                 21.10MA                771a298ab52f   6 days ago      2.3GB
alexlima/oraclespin                                        oracle-19c-NoCDB       3356c87b767f   7 days ago      11.9GB
aoflima44/goldengate219ma                                  21.9MA                 a38e5bc8e13c   3 weeks ago     2.29GB
rancher/mirrored-library-busybox                           1.34.1                 beae173ccac6   16 months ago   1.24MB
rancher/mirrored-library-traefik                           2.5.6                  2cd4bc25ad14   16 months ago   101MB
rancher/local-path-provisioner                             v0.0.21                fb9b574e03c3   16 months ago   35MB
rancher/mirrored-metrics-server                            v0.5.2                 f73640fb5061   17 months ago   64.3MB
rancher/klipper-lb                                         v0.3.4                 746788bcc27e   18 months ago   8.08MB
rancher/klipper-helm                                       v0.6.6-build20211022   194c895f8d63   18 months ago   241MB
rancher/mirrored-coredns-coredns                           1.8.6                  a4ca41631cc7   19 months ago   46.8MB
rancher/mirrored-pause                                     3.6                    6270bb605e12   20 months ago   683kB                                           3.6                    6270bb605e12   20 months ago   683kB
doctorkirk/oracle-19c                                      latest                 bb78ab7143bb   2 years ago     11.5GB

3. Create in custom Docker network for internal communication:

alima2:21c alexlima$ docker network create 

This steps took only seconds.

4. Create the first container, representing the oggFREE21_9 name:

docker run -dti \
--name oggFREE21_9  \
--network ogg_docker_network \
-p 8080:80 \
-p 444:443 \
-e OGG_ADMIN=oggadmin \
-e OGG_ADMIN_PWD=oggadmin-A1 \
-e OGG_DEPLOYMENT=oggfree \

5- Start GoldenGate Free

http://localhost:8080. (Note that the port was specified in the run command above)

6- Login to GoldenGate Free

At this point you can create your source and target connections and create your pipelines.

Product page:

·      Find out more information about Oracle GoldenGate 21c in our GoldenGate page

Introduction Video:

·      YouTube Video


·      Container Image (docker pull


·      Get started with GoldenGate Free

·      Overview and Limitations

·      Begin building solutions with GoldenGate Free

User Forum:

·      Users can exchange their experiences and ideas and ask questions at the public Oracle GoldenGate Free user forum

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