ORA-00257: archiver error – FRA Clean Up emergency

A quick emergency FRA clean up when archived logs are full.   https://gist.github.com/aoflima/30f7f03efc0fc7947ba80d44dc0c57f9        


RMAN – incremental backup

RMAN command to create level 0 backup which is needed before running of incremental backup RMAN> BACKUP INCREMENTAL LEVEL 0 DATABASE; RMAN command to run level 1 backup. Level 1 backup will backup all blocks changed since most recent cumulative or differential backup. If a level 0 backup doesn't exists, when running INCREMENTAL backup Oracle... Continue Reading →

Using RMAN to validate backup

When using VALIDATE option, Oracle will validate backup and not create backups and will not restore when this option is used. # Validate if datafile exists and have no physical or logical corruptions that would prevent RMAN from running. If "archivelog" is specified it will also check if archive logs are valid too RMAN> backup... Continue Reading →

How to rename block change tracking file?

To move/rename current block change tracking file, one would need to restart the database. # Get current block change tracking file SQL> SELECT filename FROM v$block_change_tracking; FILENAME -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /tmp/blocktracking.f # Shutdown database and start database in mount state SQL> SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE; SQL> STARTUP MOUNT; # Rename block tracking file and SQL> ALTER DATABASE RENAME FILE... Continue Reading →

RMAN – to enable compression of backupset

Backup in RMAN can be compressed when they are being created. Using the following command one can compress backup to disk or tape. The commands used to backup database remain the same. # Enable compression when creating backup to disk RMAN> configure device type disk backup type to compressed backupset; # Enable compression when creating... Continue Reading →

RMAN – checksyntax

Starting RMAN with check syntax will check syntax of RMAN command, it will report errors if the syntax is incorrect. Example: -- Start RMAN with check syntax option $ $ORACLE_HOME/bin/rman checksyntax Recovery Manager: Release - Production on Sat Jan 22 19:49:42 2011 Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved. -- Valid RMAN command,... Continue Reading →

Offlining a datafile

When one offline a datafile before you online the datafile one has to recover the datafile 1) Offline a datafile SQL> alter database datafile 5 offline; Database altered. -- Shows datafile is in recover state SQL> select status from v$datafile where file# = 5; STATUS ------- RECOVER -- datafile can't be made online SQL> alter... Continue Reading →

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