control_file_record_keep_time – the value indicates number of days before reusable record is overwritten, if set to 0 reusable record is not expanded. The default value is 7. Reusable section is where archive log records and backup information are kept. This parameter can be modified without restart of the instance. Additional Advertisements Continue reading control_file_record_keep_time

How to create backup of control file?

— backup control file in binary format to a file named /tmp/x.ctl, it will preserve the backup information of the database SQL> alter database backup controlfile to ‘/tmp/x.ctl’; Database altered. — backup control file in readable format in /tmp/x.trc, the script created doesn’t contain information about backups so if you backup in the binary format it will keep the backup information SQL> alter database backup … Continue reading How to create backup of control file?

snapshot controlfile and RMAN-08512

As RMAN needs a consistent view of the control file it takes a backup of the controlfile by creating a snapshot and during the backup RMAN uses the snapshot of the controlfile. By default the snapshot controlfile is created in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/snapcf_ORACLE_SID.f which can be changed by setting the following parameter in RMAN $ rman target / — display parameter value RMAN> show all; .. CONFIGURE … Continue reading snapshot controlfile and RMAN-08512