How to tell/find if the instance is Primary/Standby?

By querying v$database one can tell if the host is primary or standby For primary testdb> select database_role from v$database; DATABASE_ROLE ---------------- PRIMARY For Standby - Note you may need to connect to as sys as sysdba if the instance is in mount state testd> select database_role from v$database; DATABASE_ROLE ---------------- PHYSICAL STANDBY OR On... Continue Reading →


Dataguard ORA-16817

If you have an issue where the server where standby resides had to be restarted and when you try to enable Fast Start Failover, it wouldn't enable due to ORA-16608 and when checking the primary database in dataguard it would return ORA-16817 "unsynchronized fast-start failover configuration" Example: $ dgmgrl / DGMGRL> enable configuration Enabled. DGMGRL>... Continue Reading →

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