Listener hang issue

Listener fails to process any new connections for some reason multiple listeners start up listening on the same port and running for the same service, this new listener is started by already running listener process which can be checked by looking at the parent process id of the new listener. This issue so far we... Continue Reading →


How to password protect your listener?

To avoid inadvertent stopping of your listener or to prevent unauthorized access to your listener, you may set up password protection for your listener. If you forget the password, do the worst. - hard kill the listener process from the OS - modify the listener.ora file by taking out the "PASSWORDS_LISTENER" parameter. - Restart the... Continue Reading →

Archiving/Purge listener logfile

The listener log file can grow over time and archive the listener log file one can't move the file and create a new file using touch as the listener has a open/active file handle to log file┬ácauses the listener to no longer update the log file. So work around this issue one would need to... Continue Reading →

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