NetApp SnapShot Technology

A few years ago I was introduced to the NetApp storage technology and it’s backup, clone, DR capabilities and etc. To be honest at the beginning I didn’t feel very confident on how would that work with Oracle internals and particularities like SCN, archived logs and others. After several testing and trying different scenarios I had my first database in production using NetApp and just … Continue reading NetApp SnapShot Technology

NetApp Storage Management Tools for Oracle

Snapshot and FlexClone Several of the capabilities of NetApp storage contribute to the ease of Oracle data management in NFS environments. NetApp Snapshot copies are space-efficient, point-in-time copies that can be created in a matter of seconds. To create an Oracle backup, you only need to put the database in hot backup mode for a few seconds while a Snapshot copy is being created. The … Continue reading NetApp Storage Management Tools for Oracle