How to view the security status and OMS port information?

Displays OMS port information and security status /u01/weblogic/oms11g/bin $ ./emctl status oms -details Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g Release 1 Grid Control Copyright (c) 1996, 2010 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved. Enter Enterprise Manager Root (SYSMAN) Password : Console Server Host : calora4db01 HTTP Console Port : 7788 HTTPS Console Port : 7799 HTTP Upload Port... Continue Reading →


Job to delete log and trace files from OEM

I use this script to clean up all the log and trace file from each host..  You can schedule a job in OEM to go and execute this in all hosts you want. $cat /etc/oratab ESRTSP:/oracle/app/EPW/rdbms/v10203_ee_suse10:N ESRTSS:/oracle/app/EPW/rdbms/v10203_ee_suse10:N RESTST:/oracle/app/EPW/rdbms/v10203_ee_suse10:N LISTENER_10g:/oracle/app/EPW/rdbms/v10203_ee_suse10:N AGENT_10g:/oracle/app/EPW/agent/v10203_ee_suse10:N #!/bin/ksh export PATH=/usr/bin:$PATH export USERNAME=`whoami` export HOSTNAME=`hostname` # #      Clean up Oracle Export logs #... Continue Reading →

How to change SYSMAN password in OEM (OMS)

To change the Sysman password: 1. Stop the OMS instances that are associated with the repository a. opmnctl stopall 2. Change the sysman password in the database: a. Logon to sqlplus as a dba user b. Issue the command: alter user sysman identified by newpassword; c. Exit Sqlplus 3. On each management server host, cd... Continue Reading →

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