How to add a comment when changing a parameter?

In "ALTER SYSTEM" one can include a comment which gets recorded in the spfile and also in v$parameter as shown below. It can be used to record why parameter was changed. Example: SQL> alter system set open_cursors=1000 comment='07-Jan-2012 Changed AJ needed for application XYZ'; SQL> select value, update_comment from v$parameter where name = 'open_cursors'; VALUE... Continue Reading →


Format for parameter LOG_ARCHIVE_FORMAT?

This parameter controls the format of the archive log file name.  This parameter can't be changed on the fly therefore requires a restart of the instance.  This parameter can be changed with scope=spfile if spfile is used.   If the format defined in the parameter log_archive_format is invalid the database will startup but archiver will fail... Continue Reading →

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