Key Features in Primavera 6 V7

1. Upgrades can happen right from 5 through 6.2

a) The last release from the primavera before being acquired  by  oracle is Primavera Version 6. Release 2.

b) The latest release from Oracle Corporation after acquisition of Primavera is Primavera Version 6 Release 7.

2. Enhanced Windows Desktop Client is available.

3. All bugs published in support knowledgebase Solution id prim82774 have been resolved.

4. Primavera 6 earned value Management has not changed.

5. Microsoft Server Project Integration is still supported and is continually developed; Primavera portfolio Management(Formerly ProSight) continues with the integration as always.

6. Sharepoint integration as document repository is available.

7. Now adding an activity in CM while connected to Primavera 6 schedule is very much possible.

8. Completion error in pay resolution has been corrected.

9. Primavera 6 and contracts Management have been integrated.

10. JDK 1.5 is no longer supported; the user needs to migrate to JDK 1.6. This should be available to everyone by now.

11. All Previous integrations and compatibilities have been retained with much visible change.

12. Support for a variety of browsers has been enhanced inclusive of firefox 3.5, IE 8 (etc.) and mac browers.

13. This version is completly backward compatible till version3.

14. All v7 files can be exported to a stepped down v6.

15. Projects can be exported to Microsoft Office Project.

16. There are certain Oracle-tested technologies that have been certified on v7;backward compatibility is due on these.

17. Stripping of resource while importing from Microsoft Office Project is no longer necessary.

18. A new install will have Oracle XE as the database backend; if a direct upgrade previously used MSSQL, then it will continue to do so.

19. Necking is available all the round everywhere.

20. Activity codes can be grouped and sorted.

21. There is no limit on the number of projects that can be opened. A maximum of 15000 activities can be opened. Users can open multiple projects of more than 15,000 by applying a filtered View during Open Project.

22. The ability to color code bars based on activity code is only available in P6 v7 web Access.

23. The printing has been improved. You now have the ability to print from an A4 size to E- size plotter pages.


Covering Primavera at OpenWorld 2010


This year I am planning to attend most if not all sessions for Primavera at OpenWorld in San Francisco.

My goal is to publish here a review and recommendation of all sessions..  bookmark this page and stay tuned…


Project Portfolio Management at Open World 2010

An increased level of scrutiny and accountability is driving enterprise decision-making. In industries including engineering and construction, aerospace and defense, high technology, professional services, and public sector, critical business investments are being made with an emphasis on cost containment and direct revenue contribution, as well on as ensuring a rapid payback period and return.

Project portfolio management (PPM) solutions are at the core of organizational efforts across both the cost recovery and value creation spectrums.

Oracle’s world-class PPM solutions provide organizations with the smart strategies needed to navigate dynamic business conditions and answer questions such as “What are my current projects, and how are they really performing?”

The Project Portfolio Management track at Oracle OpenWorld features a lineup of expert speakers showcasing PPM product strategy and development leaders from Oracle, diverse customers across industries, and experienced partners, all sharing their PPM best practices, success stories, and the latest product release information to help enhance your project portfolio performance.