Key Features in Primavera 6 V7

1. Upgrades can happen right from 5 through 6.2 a) The last release from the primavera before being acquired  by  oracle is Primavera Version 6. Release 2. b) The latest release from Oracle Corporation after acquisition of Primavera is Primavera Version 6 Release 7. 2. Enhanced Windows Desktop Client is available. 3. All bugs published... Continue Reading →


Covering Primavera at OpenWorld 2010

Hello, This year I am planning to attend most if not all sessions for Primavera at OpenWorld in San Francisco. My goal is to publish here a review and recommendation of all sessions..  bookmark this page and stay tuned... Lidia...

Project Portfolio Management at Open World 2010

An increased level of scrutiny and accountability is driving enterprise decision-making. In industries including engineering and construction, aerospace and defense, high technology, professional services, and public sector, critical business investments are being made with an emphasis on cost containment and direct revenue contribution, as well on as ensuring a rapid payback period and return. Project... Continue Reading →

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