Using DBMS_ADVISOR to advice about UNDO tablespace from AWR

declare task_id number; name varchar2(100); descr varchar2(100); obj_id number; -- get the min and max snap id from AWR CURSOR l_cur IS SELECT min_snap_id, begin_interval_time, max_snap_id, end_interval_time FROM dba_hist_snapshot d, (select min(snap_id) as min_snap_id, max(snap_id) max_snap_id FROM dba_hist_snapshot) minmaxsnap WHERE d.snap_id = minmaxsnap.min_snap_id or d.snap_id = minmaxsnap.max_snap_id order by begin_interval_time; l_min_snap l_cur%ROWTYPE; l_max_snap l_cur%ROWTYPE; --... Continue Reading →


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