Install and Configure Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 Microservices Architecture

The objective of this document is to demonstrate how to install and configure the new Oracle 12.3 GoldenGate Microservices Architecture.

For the purpose of demonstration and training I have created one VM database (oradb1) and will create a unidirectional replication from 2 existing schemas:  HR_SOURCE to HR_TARGET

The Oracle GoldenGate Microservices Architecture have 6 main components:


  • Service manager
    • A Service Manager acts as a watchdog for other services available with Microservices Architecture.
  • Administration Server
    • An Administration Server supervises, administers, manages, and monitors processes operating within an Oracle GoldenGate deployment for both active and inactive processes.
  • Distribution Server
    • A Distribution Server is an application that functions as a networked data distribution agent in support of conveying and processing data and commands in a distributed networked deployment. It is a high performance application that is able to handle multiple commands and data streams from multiple source trail files, concurrently.
  • Receiver Server
    • A Receiver Server is the central control service that handles all incoming trail files. It interoperates with the Distribution Server and provides compatibility with the classic architecture pump for remote classic deployments.
  • Performance Metrics Server
    • The Performance Metrics Server uses the metrics service to collect and store instance deployment performance results. This metrics collection and repository is separate from the administration layer information collection.
  • Admin Client
    • The Admin Client is a command line utility (similar to the classic GGSCI utility). It uses the REST API published by the Microservices Architecture(MA) Servers to accomplish control and configuration tasks in an Oracle GoldenGate deployment.

View the entire document here:  Install Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 Microservices Continue reading “Install and Configure Oracle GoldenGate 12.3 Microservices Architecture”

Replicat abending with database error 1403

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